Music we make together.

Creative Technology

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Physical UX

Winter 2019


Many anthropologists believe that music predates spoken language, with percussive and melodic sounds used by early humans to communicate danger, loss, and victory.

In other words, music was one of the first, if not the very first, ways of communicating emotion and forming social bonds. These social and communicative tools were a primary part of the defining wedge driven between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens.


At its essence, music is what made (and continues to make) us human.

There is a well documented connection between music and emotion, and one only needs to listen to a song themselves to experience it. Emotion itself is grounded in biology, with tears of joy having a different molecular makeup than tears of grief and individuals with congenital blindness exhibiting the same emotional facials expressions as individuals with sight. Emotion and biology are inextricably attached, and that logic extends to music.

Here is an investigation of music's connection to emotional biology and how this is affected by social bonds and intimacy.

Two pulse sensors feed data into a program that generates two tracks of music, one percussive and one tonal, allowing participants to hear the two heartbeats and the changes they undergo during prolonged eye contact.

An audio aid for emotional intimacy, this object serves merely as a physical interface for human interaction, both with each other and with ourselves.

the music we made together - two friends