Boeing Redesign

brand design for an interplanetary future

The Boeing Company's current logo was adopted at beginning of the golden age of commercial air travel. Now, with the Boeing Starliner participating in NASA's first fleet of commercial crew vehicles in July 2018, their brand deserves a redesign that takes into account the company's role in aerospace exploration. This rebranding seeks to better illustrate Boeing's role as a space exploration leader as well as wonder what the visual culture of interplanetary travel could resemble.

The logo redesign served as a grounding point for the new brand image. It draws inspiration from the form of Boeing's Dreamliner plane and colors traditionally used in deep space travel and exploration.

At its core, this project focuses on bridging the associative gap between Boeing's commercial presence and their prevalence within the field of aerospace.

The reimagined brand envisions a version of space exploration that is accessible, achievable, and, more than anything else, exciting.

Fall 2017.