human music:

generative sound and social applications

The healing power of music is vast...

With a simple song and four chords, you might be able to make something useful,

even life-changing. With all the songs you know, you might be a virtual, veritable

medicine chest for the right person.

Gary Talley

Music, both its creation and its consumption, has always been a common thread between cultures, histories, and human experiences. It is a key to social connection, community building, and self expression.

We build relationships through music and with music. What happens when we transfer the power of that creation to music itself, making our own bodies the transitive aether?

What will we learn about each other? What will we learn about ourselves?

This independent-project-turned-thesis proposes an exploration to these questions as well as research into practical applications of its outcomes, specifically within the realms of music therapy and social connection. Through the process of bio-centric music generation and  distortion, this project seeks to better align the processes and rituals of listening to music with making music, all while imagining health-based applications for its outcomes.

This is an ongoing thesis project that is projected to be completed in May of 2019. Updates will be posted as the project develops, with full documentation to follow.