risd rover:


The RISD Rover is yearly collaborative project between students across a variety of majors and years with a common interest in design, engineering, transportation, and aerospace.

Every April, the RISD Rover and its team travel to Huntsville, Alabama to compete in NASA's Human Powered exploration rover challenge, where teams from 80+ colleges around the world race on an obstacle course to test their rovers' durability and design. 

The 2017-2018 rover improved upon the previous year's design through increased use of carbon fiber, more ergonomic seats, a significantly lighter chassis, entirely new wheels, and more efficient steering.

My primary roll was as a general team leader and as a systems leader for steering. this involved logistical planning, delegating machining time, fabricating parts with the CNC, and overall design and geometry coordination.

While the entire rover is a collaborative effort, the hardware I was primarily responsible for overseeing, designing and fabricating were the steering mechanisms (CNC'd central steering plate, uprights connecting a-arms and wheel hub (right), and steering arms.

Team Members:

Ryan Smith, Adrian Roop, Sam Lavoie, Lily Douglas, Jason Chang, Owen Swischuk, Abel Yan, Cyvian Chen, Josh Chen, Elena Bremner, Max Hu

Faculty Advisor: Michael Lye

Sponsors: Rhode Island Space Grant, Smooth-On

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